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Banquet Menu at Russia Restaurant

Banquet Menu at Russia Restaurant is too rich and at the same time too tasty. If you want to know more about the tasty and healthy food in Los Angeles, Glendale, North Hollywood or other places near these ones then just visit Russia Restaurant and taste the full collection from out Banquet Menu.

Speaking about the Banquet Menu at Russia Restaurant we can not but present to your attention the whole list of the dishes which you are going to taste as soon as you visit Russia Restaurant, so read and imagine the taste of each dish presented right here.

Cold Appetizers of Banquet Menu are – Assorted cheese, Assorted meat, Fresh Russian Salad, Duck Salad, Chinese Salad, Olives, Assorted Fish(Smoked), Shrimp Cocktail, Homus, Crab salad with eal, Israelsky salad (Mutabel), Stolichnaya salad, Veal Tongue (Marinated), Eggplant walnuts, Assorted pickles & Provansal, Basturma,Sujux, Kidney Beans and Walnuts, Mix Seafood Salad, Shrimp Salad (Italian style), Shrimp Salad with white sauce, Herring, Ahi Tuna Salad, Smoked Salmon and Capitan (Balik), Red Caviar with Blini, Black Caviar with Blini, Marinated Oyster Mushroom.

Hot appetizers of Banquet Menu are – Boiled Baby Potato, Young Potatoes Fried with Chantell mushrooms, Xachapuri (Borek), Xachapuri (Georgian Style), Julien, Pojarski Cutlet, Baked Salmon and Bassa Filet with Masago, Vareniki with Potato, Stuffed Half Shell Scallops and stuffed mushrooms with ground beef, Fried Pelmeni with sour cream, Baked Catfish (whole), Soft Shell Crabs, Combo Seafood Plate (Calamari, Scallops, Shrimp), Combo fish plate (baked, on sticks).

Main dishes of Banquet Menu are – Shish kebabs (Chicken, Beef, Pork) comes with baked potato, Lula Kebabs (Chicken & Beef) comes with baked potato, lamb chops with side of Chefs choice, Kievski Cutlet, Filet Mignon with red wine sauce & fried mushrooms, Baked Quail, Sturgeon Kebab (Asetrina), Kambala (fried Sole Fish), Shrimp Scampi Trout fillet with white sauce & Capelin Caviar.

The dessert of Banquet Menu consists of Fruit Plate (Seasonal), Crepes with Sour cherry, Coffee and Tea, Ice Cream. Welcome!

Xachapuri (Borek)

Xachapuri (Borek)

If you are a lover of the best cuisines of the world then just visit Russia Restaurant and feel the wonderful breeze of Xachapuri (Borek – the Russian equivalent of the name is “бёрек”) today.

Russia Restaurant is ready to open their amazingly decorated doors in front of Xachapuri (Borek) lovers as well as all the people who love to eat fantastic, new, fresh, healthy and tasty food in Los Angeles, Glendale and North Hollywood, so if you are near these places just drop in at our Russia Restaurant and taste the dishes from the cuisines of all over the world (especially Russian Cuisine which always has a secret to unveil).

Speaking about Xachapuri (Borek) we can not but mention that this dish is wonderful in its taste also look and the smell as well. This dish can be found only in Russia Restaurant as other places will not have the full recipe of the amazing dish and other cooks will not put their whole love and magnificent energy in making this very dish so do not waste even a moment and hurry right to the best restaurant in the whole world the name of which will become closer to your heart after you visit it once.

We are going to look forward to your coming at Russia Restaurant. Come and enjoy your day and you will want to return again and again. Welcome!


Xachapuri (Georgian Style)

Do you have any idea what Xachapuri is? Xachapuri (Georgian Style) is a traditional Georgian dish which consists of cheese filled bread. You do not need to know the recipe of it as after having a bite of it at Russia Restaurant you will want to taste it again and again.

The interesting moment in preparing Xachapuri is that the bread is leavened and allowed to rise, and is shaped in various ways. The filling of Xachapuri (Georgian Style) contains cheese (fresh or aged, most commonly suluguni), eggs and other ingredients which will taste better when it is eaten at Russia Restaurant as our cooks put too much emotions and love into Xachapuri: this is the secret of the most tasty Xachapuri in the whole world.

There is an interesting survey of 2009 year according to which 88% of Georgians (and why only Georgians also other people who ate Xachapuri at Russia Restaurant) prefer Xachapuri to pizza.

Are you still at home? Are you sitting and watching TV? Just come out of your house to Russia Restaurant where we are waiting for your arrival and the magic Xachapuri (Georgian Style) is too concious to impress you by its unique taste and fantastic appearance. So take a deep breath and take a taxi to reach the most comfortable and lovely place in the world Russia Restaurant where we will meet you as you are too precious for all of us. Welcome!