coffee and tea

Coffee and Tea

At first sight drinking coffee and tea is simple thing but for some countries such as Russia drinking coffee and tea is some kind of a tradition. We are offering you to come and devote your time to Russia Restaurant where we will present to your attention pure Russian coffee (the so called “кофе”) and tea (and the so called “чай”).

If you live in Los Angeles or somewhere near North Hollywood or Glendale and if you are a lover of healthy and tasty food at LA then hurry up to Russia Restaurant where we will serve you not only the best hot appetizers but also we will give you a great chance to enjoy the dessert with the pure Russian coffee and tea (we should remind you that it is some kind of custom to drink coffee and tea in Russia and we would like to make you a part of this tradition).

Russia Restaurant is ready to make your day the best and the only thing for you is to stop sitting at home and come right to us and enjoy yourself at our best atmosphere.

You can enjoy yourself by listening to live music at Russia Restaurant and by drinking the fantastic drinks named coffee and tea. Are you still at home? Come right to Russia Restaurant just to have a fantastic time with us. Welcome!